Beatriz Campos is Bachelor in Mathematics (1989, University of València). PhD in Matemáticas (1997, University of València). Assistant Professor from 1989 to 1990, and Professor from 1990 to 1991, both at the University of València. From 1991 to nowadays, Professor at University Jaume I of Castellón.

Her scientific career starts at University of València, supervised by Professor José Martínez Alfaro in the area of Dynamical Systems. The topics of research were non-singular Morse-Smale fields in 3-varieties, bifurcations, characterization of orbits through knots.

Current topics of research; qualitative study of Morse-Smale sistems on the 3-dimension sphere, topological characterization of the bifurcations through knots and strings, classification of the equivalent fluxes through graph theory, and dynamical study of iterative methods.

Member of the Spanish Network DANCE (Dynamics, attractors and nonlinearities: chaos and stability) of the SEMA (Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics), member of IMAC (University Institute of Mathematics and Applications of Castellón) and member of DAMRES.


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