DAMRES (Design and Analysis of Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations and Systems) is a research group of the Insitute for Multidisciplinary Mathematics, belonging Polytechnical Universitty of València.

DAMRES comprises researchers of the Polytechnical University of València, University Jaume I and the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

The design, analysis and implementation of iterative methods for solving either equations or systems of equations is an important research area in the field of the Numerical Analysis or any applied science. A great amount of problems in science and engineering nedd the solution of this sort of equations.

The discretizing techniques of integral equations or boudary value problems, PDEs (wave equation, Burger’s equation), algorihtms for the determination of the preliminary orbit of a satellite, dynamical models of chemical reactors, radioactive transference problems or the study of GPS are a few examples of the topics of the group.

Recently, a large number of papers related to the study and application of iterative methods have been published. This wide literature verifies that this field of research is continously evoluting in the Numerical Analysis, having a lot of promise.

Topics of interest

  • Multipoint Iterative methods, with and without memory.
  • Steffensen-type iterative schemes.
  • Iterative methods in Banach spaces.
  • Iterative procedures for singular problems: multiple roots, singular Jacobian matrices or ill-conditionated.
  • Interval methods for solving nonlinear equations and systems.
  • Solution of nonlinear matrix equations with iterative methods.
  • Design and analysis of algorithms for obtaining inverses and pseudoinverses.
  • Application of the iterative schemes for solving engineering problems: electromagnetism, digital signal processing, etc.