Alicia Cordero is Bachelor in Mathematic Sciences (1995, Universitat de València). He obtained the PhD in Mathematics (2003, Universitat Jaume I) defending her PhD Thesis “Cadenas de órbitas periódicas en la variedad S2xS1“, supervised by José Martínez and Pura Vindel.

Along these years, she published many papers about the decomposition into round loops of three-dimensional varieties, links of periodic orbits of non-singular Morse-Smale fluxes and their applications to Celestial Mechanics.

She is Full Professor of Applied Mathematics in the Institute for Multidisciplinary Mathematics of the Polytechnical University of València.

Her current research is focused in dynamical systems and numerical analysis, highlighting the iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations and systems, as well as the dynamical study of the rational functions involved in these processes.

Se has published more than 100 papers in JCR Journals. She also has presented numerous communications in international conferences.

Moreover, she is editor of the journals “Abstract and Applied Analysis”, “Journal of Applied Mathematics, “Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society” and “Algorithms”.


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